I collaborated with Marty Poniatowski, where I wrote Chapter 17.

Marty who is a Senior Director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the Business Development, Enablement, Solutions, and Technology (BEST) organization. During his career Marty has written 18 books and 50 articles on various technical topics.

UNDERSTAND TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGIES DRIVING THE ENTERPRISE OF THE FUTURE: An under‐the‐covers look at the tools and technologies to accelerate digital transformation

The enterprise of the future will be edge‐centric, cloud‐enabled, and data‐driven. By 2022, 55 billion devices will be connected worldwide. Of that data, 75% is not created in the data center or cloud. It is created where we live and work. Workloads and data are moving to the edge, and the cloud is not so much a destination but an experience to be delivered wherever it is desired.

This book, based on the knowledge of 33 leading HPE experts, gives IT and business professionals an inside track to create the edge‐centric, cloud‐enabled, and data‐driven enterprise of the future. Each of the 19 chapters looks at a use case by outlining the issues and then delivers HPE based solutions.

Topics covered in this book:

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Internet of things (IoT)
  3. Consumption‐based management for private cloud and public cloud
  4. Infrastructure as code with HPE OneView
  5. Simplified Hybrid IT with HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure
  6. HPE OneView integration with ServiceNow, Nagios, and Splunk
  7. Demystifying Software Defined Storage
  8. Integrated data solutions with system‐defined storage
  9. Seamless public–private cloud experience with Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Morpheus
  10. Managing containers of all types with HPE Container Platform
  11. Evaluating workloads for migration to private and public cloud with HPE Right Mix Advisor
  12. Aruba software‐defined branch (SD‐Branch) for retail, hospitality, healthcare, and any distributed organization
  13. Aruba’s next‐generation switching portfolio for IoT
  14. Cybersecurity and data analytics needs with memory‐driven computing
  15. Transforming the consumption and delivery of IT resources using a Cloudless Computing model
  16. Full lifecycle of technology for the circular economy
  17. Significantly increase performance through persistent memory for data‐intensive workloads
  18. High‐performance computing for AI
  19. The power of Azure in your data center

For IT decision makers and professionals this book is a practical guide to the tools and technologies driving edge to cloud solutions today. Whether you are a customer looking to deliver faster business outcomes, or a partner seeking to deliver the value that your customers are looking for, this book shows how HPE innovations can be applied to accelerate whatís next.

Note: This title is a HPE Solution Series Guide and is unrelated to any HPE Sales or Technical Certifications.

This book is available to purchase from HPE Press

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